Information Technology

GTC BenQ Viewsonic
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Information Technology is the largest business unit within the Galva Group.

PT Pembina Galindra Electric CO. (PGE) established in 1969 and PT Galindra Multi Cipta (GMC) established in 1994, manufactures computer monitors for domestic and the export markets.

PT Galva Technologies (GTC), founded 1991, makes and sells Display Monitor under its own brand, GTC. Also as sole distributor for BenQ Monitor, LCD TV, Projector, and Notebooks. Sole distributor for Viewsonic display products. Sole distributor and system integrator for LG PABX and Phone. It provides turnkey solutions to a wide range of IT customers.

PT Galva Technovision, established in 1999, provides total business solutions incorporating a full range of products and expertise no matter how you manipulate the audio, visual or multimedia data.

The convergence of computing, telecommunications, and information service are revolutionizing the structure of global business. We are seeing the personal computer evolving into the ultimate information appliance - where the television, telephone, alarm system and data terminal are all being rolled into one. With the information superhighway, on-line workers can tap into the office network to do their jobs at home or from anywhere in the globe and be just as productive.

At Galva, we recognize that in the information age, technology must be the basis of our solution to business problems. Not technology for technology's sake, but powerful hardware and software technologies applied to real world information management problems.


Voice Processing System

Network congestion, resulting in poor Successful Call Ratio (SCR) is a major concern among Telkom's offices in major Indonesian cities. Dissatisfied subscriber, angry politician and low utilization of lines are problems waiting to be solved. Galva responded with the solution, using Unisys Voice Source Unix voice messaging systems. Caller to a busy number can now leave voice messages for the called party, the system will forward the call once the line is free. In this way the subscriber completes his task and Telkom retains increased revenues from better line utilization.


Display System

In the fiercely competitive PC monitor market, manufacturers gain their competitive advantage by making similar products in large numbers. From is beginning Galva's manufacturing strategy has been to maximize our competitive advantage by making products for the world markets. We manufacture a product in large numbers at the lowest possible cost does not gain customer's confidence. Moreover, customers are more conscious on quality and safety of the products they purchase.>

Telecommunication System

Flexible, easy to use office telephone systems are essential tools for any business. Galva offers the full range of LG-Nortel customer premises telephone equipment, from 500 port digital PABXs to 8 extension key telephone systems and a variety of single line telephones, cordless telephone and telephone answering machine.

Security System

Securing premises from intruders and unexpected hazards, as well as protecting the safety of people in public places are not only the realm for police and law enforcement agencies to care. Security is everybody's business. Building managers, banks, commercial enterprises, even individual home owners are all concern about protecting their safety and properties from criminals and accidents.