Electronic Component

The Founding of PT Galva Kami Industry (GKI) in August 1994 marks the beginning of Galva's entry into the electronic component business. GKI is a joint venture operation between Galva and Kami Electronics of Japan.



GKI factory makes transformers and degaussing coils for television, audio products, video cassette recorders and computer monitors. The customers are set manufacturers who have established factories in Indonesia to produce electronic goods for domestic and export markets.

Component manufacturers have a vital role in developing the electronic industry. Final assemblers or set manufacturers rely on constant supply of high quality components in order to make their products successful. Furthermore, by sourcing components locally, the industry will become more efficient, thus increasing its competitiveness in the world markets.

Quality is at the center of everything we do. From design to production and inspection, then final delivery, each product is tested at every stage of the process and the results closely monitored with a thorough quality control system. We take great pride in the quality of our works because we know our customers demand only the best from the components that go into their products.