Sound Communication

Galva's entry into the professional sound communication business began in June 1975 with the establishment of PT Toa-Galva Industries (TGI), a joint venture with two Japanese partners - TOA Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation.

PT Elsiscom Prima Karya (EPK), founded in 1985, is wholly owned by Galva, to distribute and sell products made by TOA and TGI.

EPK provides consultancy, system design, project management and system integration services to customer requiring professional sound reinforcement systems.

Sound is perhaps the most basic form of communication known to mankind. Most of the time, we take good quality sound for granted, but all of us understand that sound is an essential means of our daily communication. We use sound to alert people of an impending emergency. We are entertained by the sound of music. We inform and remind people at public places, like airports, train stations and hospitals with sound announcements. We listen to sermon and speeches to enrich our lives.

 Public Address System

TOA Public Address Systems are perhaps best known for their overwhelming presence in the mosques and churches throughout Indonesia. Undoubtedly, religious organizations are important users of sound reinforcement products. But clear, accurate sound communication is not only essential for the delivery of sermons; any forms of voice messages that has to be disseminated to a large audience quickly and conveniently will require the use of TOA PA Systems.

 Professional Sound System

Pro sound customers are at the high-end of the sound reinforcement market. Reproducing superior audio fidelity is what every professional sound specialist is striving for, whether he is working in live performance or studio environment. Galva employs leading edge digital audio technologies to meet the exacting requirement of pro sound users.

 Security System

Security needs are growing in public space and venues close to people's daily lives, from commercial institution, train stations, airports to schools, apartments, and even parking lots. TOA integrates its audio and video technologies to meet these needs with unique system solution products.

 Exporting To The World

The establishment of TGI is a strong indication of TOA and Galva endorsement to the stability and prospects of the Indonesian economy. Whenever possible, we make products using local components and labor-force. In this way, we have helped save the country's valuable foreign exchange. With liberalization of the global economies and as Indonesia became more competitive, we expanded TGI role to make products for the world markets. TGI now exports half of its production output and this trend will continue to increase as more components become available locally and as our productivity develop to world best practices.