Audio Video


As Sony sole distributor for the Broadcast and Professional Audio-Video products, PT Galva Technovision (GTV) which is founded in 1999, deliver world class solutions to all its customers.

Sony's dominance in the AV industry in recognized worldwide. Galva sells and supports professional audio-video products used by broadcasters, educational institutions, telecommunication companies, entertainment industries, hospitals, government organizations and private corporations.


>There has not been a greater invention in modern communication history than the development of audio and video technologies. Television has changed the way modern society is entertained, informed and learnt. In the multimedia world, AV system will have an even more important role to play. In the future, instead of mass broadcasting, television viewers can receive individually tailored programming on demand, as and when required. Utilizing sophisticated telecommunication infrastructure, the television sets of the future become interactive tools that we can use to search only those materials that interest us. Communicating with friends and business partners is as easy as turning on the television set.

Galva, in partnership with Sony, is presenting the technologies that will make those futuristic possibilities a reality. Some are already available here, today.

   Broadcasting System

In the world of broadcasting, Sony is clearly the undisputed leader known to professionals around the world. Sony Corporation is Galva's principal since 1980. Through this relationship we have acquired the technology and technical expertise to be able to provide our customers with leading edge professional service that is critical to the successful performance of the systems we deliver.



   Video Conferencing System

The Sony videoconferencing system is perhaps the most dramatic application of multimedia technology in business. Imagine what the videoconferencing system can do to speed-up critical decision making process, not to mention the cost you save on business travel. Informed decision making, improved efficiency should all translate to a better management of your business which in the end will directly impact your company's bottom line.

   IP Monitoring System

Sony IPELA, IP monitoring system is comprehensive turnkey monitoring and surveillance solutions that run on IP infrastructure and offer digital video capture, real-time viewing, remote monitoring and management, recording, and archival/retrieval. Sony can provide the level of technology, the system expertise, the partnerships, and the range of products to custom-design solutions based on specific environments, architectures, and requirements.



   Presentation System

The key to a successful presentation is to first attract the attention of the participants and then hold their attention with clear, accurate materials. Computer data, full motion video sequences, high resolution still pictures and stereo sound are information that may be communicated to the audience with stunning clarity, using Sony presentation systems.



   Medical System

As video technology moves from analog to digital, it provides the opportunity to enhance the performance, flexibility and reliability of video equipment used in medical environments. Sony with innovative technologies, continues to develop and support the many ways in which video imaging is applied to the advancement of medicine.

   Educational System

Our society expects educators to prepare students to contribute to the economic well being and competitiveness of the nation. Developing human resources and creating talent pool, which is ready for use by the industry has become a daunting challenge to government and educators alike.