Koperasi Usaha Kita

Founded in 1982 with only 80 members. Koperasi Usaha Kita has line of business in Food and Clothing, Fund Management for the members.

After more than 6 year, its legally established at August 10, 1988 number 8897/BH/KWK-10/5, with the name koperasi karyawan "USAHA KITA" PT TOA-GALVA INDUSTRIES.

January 2, 1990, in an annual meeting of the members, it's unit in PT Galva Corporation, PT Galindra Multi Cipta, PT Elsiscom Prima Karya, and PT Pembina Galindra Electric Co. jointed, it's unit in PT Galva Technologies Corporation in 1991, then it's unit in PT Galva Kami Industry in 1995, and it's unit in PT Galva Technovision in 1999.

Based of Indonesian government regulation for Koperasi, number 25/1992, Koperasi Usaha Kita becomes a committee, and the line of business are:
1. Food and Clothing
2. Fund Management
3. Housing
4. Public Commerce

Today Koperasi Usaha Kita has 1.860 members.