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Our company has been grounded in strongly held principles. Our founders came to call these our "credo" and they committed us to a broad definition of leadership, as a company that strives to be a trusted partner for customers, a reliable long-term investment, a progressive employer, and a responsible corporate citizen.

These beliefs guided the company through decades of extraordinary change, and grew into practices and approaches that became the qualities that people can identified. They also helped us become a model for other corporations, one of a few outstanding institutions identified with modern progress and beneficial innovation.

We have a clear vision through the VOICES frame to make Galva industry leader in the electronics world.

- Vision
Our vision to make Galva industry leader in the electronics particularly in audio-video system, manufacturing, trading, distribution, and system integration.

- Organization
We want to make Galva resilient, world class, globally competitive, and breeds loyalty organization.

- Innovation
To increase our company competitiveness, research, and development in all aspect with planning, consistency, and continuous improvement.

- Cooperation
The principle in cooperation are mutual attention. Success company is having mutual attention employee.

- Excellence
In all our activity and exertion are a transition to more best effort. We always develop our activity and exertion, based on the principles of "Today must be better from yesterday and tomorrow must be better from today".

- Spiritual Guidance
We always do the best. And we know, God giving us the difference talent, We must develop that for together prosperity.